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By on April 16, 2013
coconut flour

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Since a lot of my recipes are based on coconut flour, I thought I should share a little more info about it and why I use it in place of wheat flour.

Coconut flour is a byproduct of the coconut milk-making process. You can actually make your own at home, but I haven’t tried that yet, so I’ll spare you an untested recipe. The flour-making process starts with unsweetened coconut flakes that are soaked in water and mixed in a food processor. The mixture is then separated — liquid from solid — and the solids are spread out on a tray then heated to dry. Once it’s dry, it’s mixed again in a food processor until it’s smooth, and there you have it… A delicious, 100% gluten-free flour to bake your favorite treats with — or better yet, try a new recipe!

The reason I love this flour so much is the super-low-carb content paired with the super-high-fiber content. One tablespoon has only 4g carbs and 2.5 of them are fiber… amazing! If you’re planning to swap this flour for wheat or bleached flour, know that it doesn’t bake the same way wheat flours do. If you play around with it, you’ll notice it soaks up water like crazy so whatever amount of dry your recipe calls for will need to be significantly decreased and the amount of wet will most likely need to increase. If you like experimenting in the kitchen like I do, fiddle with the wet-dry mix until it seems just right then pop it in the oven!

Coconut flour is perfect for Paleo, low-carb or ketogenic diets. It’s also a great addition to any healthy diet with all that fiber! Just be sure to drink plenty of water with the added fiber… we don’t want anything getting stuck. As for storage, keep it in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Here are a few of my favorite coconut flour recipes:


Banana Cookies

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bacon Sweet Potato Muffins

Walnut Raisin Sweet Potato Muffins

Cashew Butter Candy Cakes

Bread {Julian Bakery}


What’s your favorite recipe?



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