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By on January 9, 2013

New York City’s newest health food hot spot has arrived: Hu Kitchen. Dispelling the myth that going back to nature is strictly for carnivores, this rustic, yet modern eatery surprisingly has more vegetarian options than animal products. Hu’s philosophy: The food revolution is taking too long. They’re pioneering for change one primal recipe at a time. 

I recently attended a conference on diabetes management where the speaker said something that shocked me: “Good luck getting through a day without eating high fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything.” Not at Hu Kitchen. Everything they serve is still recognizable in its natural state; a pleasure to see, I must say. The menu variety at Hu is impressive. Whether you’re in need of a quick caffeine fix or a full meal, they’ve got you covered.

Menu options include fresh, organic juices, smoothies, soup, chocolate, and of course, coffee. They serve a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner daily in addition to prepared items to pick up on the go. I can’t help imagining this is what deli’s will be like in heaven. A girl can dream, can’t she?!

Hu’s owner, Jordan, greeted me with a delicious grain-free flax bread complimented by a mason jar of the most soothing water I’ve ever had in a Manhattan restaurant. My lunch was enormous. I chose organic turkey meatloaf with BBQ glaze paired with cauliflower puree and rotisserie pineapple topped with organic cashew cream. Sound orgasmic? It was. And the best part: the entire meal was 100% gluten and guilt-free.

Typically when I scan a new menu, I immediately look for the leanest options; not just for myself, but for skinny entrées I can recommend to clients. Usually there are only a handful of RD-approved options and even then you’ll have to send a few preparation demands back to the kitchen with your server. You’ll be happy (possibly tickled) to know that everything at Hu Kitchen is RD-approved. My only complaint: There’s only one location.

To read more about Hu Kitchen and peruse the menu, check them out at

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