DragonVale World Breeding information: ways to Breed of dog Venom, Cinder, Totem Plus Other Rare Or Enchanted Dragons

Wondering how to breed Uncommon or enchanted DragonVale Dragons Such as Venom, Cinder and Totem Dragon? Check out our complete list of breeding combos and instances, here.

If you have just begun playing DragonVale World, then odds are you’re wondering what all of the mixtures of dragons would be that you can breed. When there are well over 50 different dragons that may be bred in the video game that such as common, rare epic and enchanted offerings. But figuring out which blends spawn which dragons may be a little tricky. To help you strain the dragon you have been waiting for instead of spending your precious diamonds on them in the current market, we’ve assembled a fast breeding guide of all the different breeding combinations for frequent, rare and enchanted dragons. We’ll also be incorporating Epic dragons such as the Rainbow dragon as soon as we find it out, so check back again or see that dragonvale world cheats in addition to tricks to playing DragonVale World, here.

To begin with, you will find There are 7 primary dragon types. These will each be bred with each other to produce two different hybrids depending on which order you set them in the breeding cave. By way of instance, a Jungle + Fire yields Flytrap as a Fire + Jungle yields a Wildfire dragon. This implies in addition to the 7 primary dragon types, you receive 42 more hybrids.

As well as these hybrids, there are also some dragon hybrids that include two or more components, such as the Cinder Dragon and those can be gotten by breeding particular hybrids collectively. Below are the combinations we know of so much — including some rare or enchanted such as the venom dragon and how to breed them. We are going to continue adding to our breeding guide as we learn more.

We put these in the beginning of our list since they appear to be the ones people are most interested in and are the hardest to get. The tricky thing about these dragons is that there’s nothing special you can do in order to guarantee an enchanted or rare dragon comes from your breeding combo. You simply have to keep breeding the right combo until the dragon you’re hoping for appears. This can be pretty frustrating — particularly when seeking to fulfill one of these early goals, which request you to hatch a Venom Dragon. If you continue breeding the identical combo, though, eventually you’ll get hard to get dragons such as the Venom Dragon. For us personally, once we bred an enchanted Fire dragon using a Jungle dragon, that’s when we finally ended up using a Venom Dragon to hatch.

Epic Dragon Breeding Guide
We are still working out the combos on these guys, however a DragonVale community forum does have any tips about how you may be able to breed epic dragons such as Rainbow, Fossil and Totem. In all there are seven epics and 2 Dragonsai Dragons. They are as follows: