A Beginner’s Guideline to imvu

Producing your Account

So far, by enrolling your account, you have chosen your username, and also how your avatar looks on IMVU. When I created my IMVU accounts I used the main IMVU website, in which there were distinct sections that included starter avatars. It seemed kinda like that:

When creating an account from this particular section, I would recommend picking an avatar in which you enjoy the clothing they’re wearing, as you will most likely wish to modify the skin, hair, and head . In short, this avatar is temporary, and you’re going to have it until you gather enough credits to produce your own outfit. It is possible to customize your avatar at a lot different manners than you can on the website, and you receive all the clothing you see in the production area no matter what you set on your avatar. Also, a few of the hair and clothes that they give you on the program are already considered”trendy”. I discovered this the hard way, and wasted a lot of time creating new accounts.

The main suggestion I have for creating an account is to select your username and starter avatar wisely. Later, if you don’t produce a new account, if you would like to change your username, then you’ll have to pay to do so.


Out of what, I am convinced that this is the thing newcomers are most interested in. And I know that it’s a struggle getting credits, so this segment is especially important. Purchasing them

to start with, one way to get credits is to buy them. It is possible to buy credits utilizing the IMVU program, the IMVU website, or by buying a gift card and redeeming it. This is the simplest way to have credits- if you have money. Regrettably, most of us don’t. XD Fortunately, though, there are some other methods you can get credits if you don’t have money to buy them. Daily Spin

Another method to get credits is on the IMVU program or on the IMVU Next website. Every 24 hours that they supply you with a daily spin. That is slow, but and you can only get between 10-50 credits depending on what you land on, and that is only if you even land on credits. You can even get items from the wishlist on the daily spin should you land on the top icon. That is what the daily spin resembles:


The simplest way to acquire credits for those who DON’T have money is by making them. This measure takes time and effort, but you receive credits lol.

You can earn credits on either the program and the main IMVU website, but the simplest method is by using the imvu credits hack 2019 program.