Easy Magic Card methods for the purpose of teenagers

Kids adore the mystery of magic. With these simple card tricks, they could become like their favourite wizard or magician and make their own magic! Once your child has mastered these card tricks for kids, watch how their face lighting up because they exude their viewers.

Magic Tricks for Kids
Magic does not have to be hard — when they know the secret behind one illusion, your little ones are bound to be able to perfect another learn magic in no time.

Below, they can discover how to do two simple card tricks to wow their family and friends — they’ll have so much fun putting in their very own display! You can find other easy magic tricks for kids they can increase their showcase .

How to perform the Colour Card Trick
Sorting the cards colour is the key behind this trick.

Separate the cards into black and red. Remember which color you put on top. Do this until you start your functionality, so the audience does not see.
Fan out the best few cards and ask a member of your viewers to decide on a card from the very best.
Then, fan out the base of the deck to allow them to place their card back inside.
Split the deck somewhere in the middle, and set the bottom half on the top to”shuffle” the cards. It doesn’t matter if the split isn’t exactly in the middle.
To then magically find the card that was chosen, look through the deck. The color of the one you want are the only red card mixed between the black cards, or vice versa.
Pull out the card and declare,”Is this your card?” Your viewers will be astounded with your brilliant mind reading abilities!

This kids’ card trick is simple to do, because all it depends on is a little bit of sneaky preparation. You will want two decks of cards to start.

Prepare your deck of cards by placing the seven of spades along with the eight of clubs at the top of the deck. (You can use any 2 cards, but make certain to take the very same ones from your next deck at the following step )
Next, choose the seven of spades along with the eight clubs from the next deck and put them at the base of the original deck, which is the one which you will use for your own trick.
Now it’s time to start your performance. Announce you will make the cards jump from among the deck to the other.
Show your audience the 2 cards at the top of the deck and also ask them to remember them.
Tap the deck twice. You could use a magic wand , the same as a true magician — magic shops and toy stores usually stock these.
Show your audience the base two cards from the deck. The seven spades along with the eight clubs will have”magically” jumped to the base of the bundle!