Starting recommendations regarding Red Dead Redemption 2


While completing the missions in the very first chapter, you can’t freely explore the game world or engage in additional activities.
The game world opens in the second chapter, i.e. later departing the camp at the hills and reaching the camp in Horseshoe Overlook.
Attempting to enter the country of New Austin prematurely means a quick death for the protagonist. This state becomes accessible only through the match’s extended epilogue, after completing several of its missions.
Rapid travel is originally available only in the kind of train and stagecoach – the destination is set after purchasing a ticket at the appropriate spot. Free fast travel will also be accessible in the camp after purchasing one of those improvements in the camp book. This map may also automatically be moved to your home when the major storyline is finished.
You might not feel secure in most areas in the game world. In addition to the state of New Austin, prevent exploring locations marked in red that are not available to unauthorized people. Gang hideouts are also harmful. Arthur will be attacked after entering such a camp. However, it’s worth attacking them, as there are lots of valuable things in gangs’ hiding camps.


It’s possible to comprehend mission types by their mark on the world map. Yellow tags are main quest assignment givers. White tags are side quest givers – just a massive question mark may be visible on the map (such as on the picture above) before the individual who commissions the endeavor is discovered. Little white dots are random events that happen while traveling across the game world.
The majority of the side missions that we will not have the ability to complete during the primary questline are available when the narrative is finished. 1 exception is the second assignment from Mary, that is offered in Saint Denis (the mark will look after reading the letter that will arrive at the camp). It is a good practice to complete side missions in parallel to the main missions.
The game offers the prospect of creating manual rescue games – pick the choice (Story) from the pause menu. This is very helpful, because there are choices to be made in many missions. It is advisable to create a manual rescue before the beginning of each larger assignment. You might also repeat story missions by picking them from the pause menu – Progress after which Story Mode. This is a good way if you would like to win a gold trophy. Alas, the game does not remember your options this manner. If you want them to be repaired, play the assignment from the manual rescue you made ahead.
Leopold Strauss’ usury missions must be completed no later than at the sixth chapter, as they’ll no longer be accessible in the epilogue.


Gang camp becomes accessible for the very first time once you reach the second chapter of this match. You have to advance further in the primary narrative or purchase relevant upgrades.

It’s possible to assist with chores at the camp, i.e. by moving heavy bags. These activities reward you with honor points and may also accelerate the process of enhancing Arthur’s stats.

You’re able to set up mobile camps while traveling across the game world. They permit you to, as an example, cook something or rest. Creating a portable camp always spawns a horse into your vicinity, presuming your bracket is within the selection of the whistle. This option is useful when the horse gets trapped on a stone that is inaccessible or at any other place that is far from Arthur.
You do not have to bring food into the camp, even though the gang members will request it. The gang will never perish of hunger.
During your stay in the camp, you may change your laundry by interacting with all the chest near the hero’s tent. Changing clothes is not just a cosmetic change. The game rewards you for matching your outfit into the present weather conditions. From the first chapters of this game you travel through colder locations, but if you arrive at regions having a higher temperature, you need to wear something milder. You can purchase fresh items of clothing in shops.
Use your bed in the camp if you would like to modify the time of day fast. Some activities are less difficult to perform during the day, while some may work out much better as soon as the dusk falls (e.g. sneaking into enemy locations).


There is absolutely no problem with the access to money in the game, even though you can sense too little cash at the start of your adventures. The money that Arthur Morgan will earn during the entire main narrative should be enough to purchase and extended all developments of this camp.
Not all extra activities in the game are rewarding. For example, wanted posters are definitely interesting missions concerning gameplay, but at the component of finances they are not as important. Rewards for catching villains are ridiculously low. The same applies to shop robberies. You may get relatively little cash this manner and get into unnecessary problems with the law.
They contain not just money, but also valuable things (jewels) that may be sold in the camp. However, do your best not to search the corpse while being watched or in public, because you may be suspected of theft.
In addition to hunting enemy bodies, it’s also good to seek buildings and start looking into all containers that are interactive. This will let you gain valuable and cash things, but also in this case be careful not to be caught at the hot deed. You might look at red dead redemption 2 cheats.