WWE SuperCard ~ Top Tips, and Ideas

WWE SuperCard is a new card fighting RPG featuring all of your favorite WWE wrestlers from generations past and current. Your objective is to assemble your best group of wrestlers, confront in exhibition matches against the decks of other gamers, then enter the King of the Ring mode and become the winner. Read on to get the top rated wwe supercard hack plus methods!

15) Play from the display matches so as to win more cards.
You can play at the exhibitions as many times as you want, since there is not any”power” limiter for them. When you lose a game, you earn a cardand if you win a game, you will win two cards rather. The further exhibitions you perform, the quicker you’ll increase your card list.

14) Play against players using small win-loss records for the easiest wins.
It does not matter what their winning percentage is, just that the actual number of games played is reduced, because then that means they will generally have a deck full of cards that are common, and not one of their cards will have been coached or combined nevertheless. That means they will be exceedingly easy to conquer.

13) Combine and prepare your cards to make the most powerful deck.
Combining permits you to combine two equal wrestlers of equal rarities into a single card, and may only be accomplished once a card. Training permits you to sacrifice as many non-identical cards as you want so as to enhance a wrestler by increasing their experience points. Use this to eliminate your unwanted cards and to power your favorites.

12) Boost a card into its highest (or near maximum) experience degree prior to combining it.
This way, not only will you have the biggest stat boost from the combining itself, but you are going to have the maximum base stats, since they take over from your old card (with an added boost) nevertheless your card level drops back down to 1, making for fast and effortless level ups and for sky-high maximum numbers.

11) Power your diva card .
Diva cards are extremely significant because an unusual or rare diva is far more difficult to find than any superstars, so most gamers will be using a common one. Train and unite yours to increase her numbers sky-high and that’s essentially an immediate win for any diva game that you end up playing.

10) Fill the rarity pub in the king and exhibition of the ring mode to earn better prizes.
You fill the rarity up pub by placing sexier and sexier cards in your deck.

9) Don’t play King of the Ring until you have all 5 of your own energy card slots complete.
Your cards will operate from energy as you go, which means you will need to rekindle them. Make all of five energy points, then when your cards need to get revived, revive them and you will end up with much more time spent with your best deck in drama, instead of your backups.

8) For easy King of the Ring wins, fill out the pub almost all of the way to the very top, but maybe not quite.
This is what you can do if you want to get matched against weaker players to start with, since in KotR manner, your matchups will be based on deck rarity by levels.

7) Make intelligent use of your hike cards.
Boost cards include such matters as the ladder which raises speed, the taunt that decreases opponents’ stats, or the chair and other such wrestling standbys. Make sure you use them in every game, and utilize them in the smartest way possible to make sure that your opponents will never get an edge on you. Simply use them when the statistic that they buff or debuff is closely regarding the statistic which decides the conflict.

Two of the same arrow color on different sides of the card would be the sign that it’s the right card to get a tag group, and consequently will increase the stats of both cards. If you put two of the same triangle together, you will find no boost without a deboost. Any other/uneven combination of cards will drop statistics, oftentimes so dramatically as to change the outcome of the battle.

5) How to get more credits
Currently, there is only one way to receive credits in WWE SuperCard, and that is to buy them. Credits would be the in-game money of WWE SuperCard, and their only known usage is simply to buy more card packs. So while they have a purpose to serve, it’s not a particularly varied one.

4) Spend your credits wisely.
The more complicated the deck rarity, the better the cards that you will receive if you buy this. If you have a super rare deck, you actually have a chance at earning cheap and easy super rares for this pick.

3) Hit the card catalogue to get a preview of what you might earn in the future.
When you go there, too, notice just how many wrestlers have a card in virtually every tier. So if your objective is simply to collect your favorite wrestlers irrespective of tier, then it ought to be quite easy to do.

2) Always use your rarest and most powerful card in exhibition matches.
The cause of this is that the computer will tend to send the rarest card or cards every time, unless the first game is a diva match. So for this reason, send your rarest card or you’ll typically be in for an instant reduction.

1) Pay attention to this bonus stat boosts attached to your rare and above cards.
They’ll be in effect anytime which you use that card and can frequently send you one or more stats soaring into insanely high levels. Or, they will reduce the competition’s corresponding stat so far as to practically guarantee you a win.